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I have lots of posts! You have limited time! Here are many of my recent posts, organized somewhat thematically.

The ones in bold are ones I think are particularly good.

Awesome posts that don’t obviously fit into another category

Regret sequence

Structurally learning how to orient from a place beyond regret has been a major theme for me over the past year or two. Here are some posts about it:

Yearly reviews

At the end of each calendar year, I write a long post on how that year went. I largely do it for my own sake, but other people have told me that they’re interesting, inspiring, or otherwise worth reading.

Mental models

I really like sharing structures of thought. Here are some of my favorites: (most of which were primarily created or fleshed out by me)


Comfort-zone expansion, physical touch, airports

Somehow these fairly-independent themes seem to come up together for me.

Building a platform for collaborative culture

I’m part of a project to design a new kind of culture. These posts, particularly the second one, point at what it is we’re doing.

Overcoming patterns

These posts talk about how to change patterns of thought, which is a core component of the kind of culture-shifting I mentioned above.

Productivity / Effectiveness


A mini-sequence on Metacognition


I like feedback! I write about it. You tell me what you think of my posts on feedback 😉

Realizations from strangers on the street

Things I realized while relating to strangers on the street (in both cases in San Francisco).


I’ve experimented with sleep a bunch. The crazy polyphasic schedules had mixed results for me, but I’ve now been sleeping biphasically pretty consistently for over 3 years—6h or so at night and a 20min nap midday. Learning to REM-nap was totally worth weeks of sleep deprivation.


There will be more of these soon I promise.


No plans for any more of this anytime soon.

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