I want to collaborate with people in various ways, because

People I’m currently actively looking to work with:

If any of these sounds like you, maybe get in touch! If many of these sound like you, definitely get in touch!

I’ve written about my collaboration philosophy in A Collaborative Self-Energizing Meta-Team Vision. If you read that and you’re like “omg I want that 🤩” then feel free to get in touch about your ideas even if you’re not sure what specific projects might be a good fit for the two of us. There might be some possibility with me or with someone else I can introduce you to.

Art by Silvia, who can also make art for you! (Our collaboration to make the pic is very much this whole vibe.)

Things I’m not interested in:

The original impetus for making this page was actually to tell marketers not to bother emailing me, but I thought I would make it something beautiful rather than just “go away”. Amplify what you want!

I am not interested in:

If you have something you think will be suitable for me, based on this page (even if not listed here) reach out to me on Twitter. (You can email me if you already have my email but I’m more responsive on Twitter anyway.)