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Uberman Day 1 Finished

It’s now shortly after midnight, technically into Day two. I’ve decided I’m going to divide my days based on midnights, because

  1. I have a nap then.
  2. It’s a pre-existing boundary.
  3. I prefer the mindset of getting a ~8h head start on the next day, versus spending an extra 8h in the previous one.

I feel pretty good. I’m tired but not exhausted. I’m not in any real physical discomfort.

My mind is having a hard time getting used to the idea that I’m not going to flop down on my bed and conk out for 8h every night. I was downtown playing at a UW Engineering Talent Show (“TalEng”) and it was weird to realize that I was coming back and just going to work all night, plus probably go for another stroll at 4am. I ate a bunch of food at TalEng too… I’m trying to eat a significant amount during 4/6 cycles, plus snacks in the other ones.

I remarked to a friend at one point that “Normal people probably don’t try Uberman, but if they did they’d probably stop because it just feels so weird.” by which I meant that the pull toward returning to the status quo of sleeping all night is quite strong, all physical aspects aside.

I’ve been advised to create a list of projects to do with all of my extra time. I have a few but so far this hasn’t been needed due to an exceptionally large number of school assignments.

Speaking of which, Calculus time!


PS: One of my friends, Patrick Cockwell, has decided to join me. His naps are on the 4 hours (4,8,12) so we should be able to keep tabs on each other and make sure we don’t oversleep.

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