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Malcolm's bedroom with 8 of him in it. One is on the bed, reading Makers by Cory Doctorow. One is at the dresser, buttoning up a flashy dress shirt. Two Malcolms are sitting on the floor singing together, playing guitar and a little keyboard. A sixth Malcolm is striking a bold yoga pose in the middle of the room. Another Malcolm is on his computer, programming, and the eighth Malcolm is standing on his exercise ball.

I’m changing my mind and abstracting the process… connecting ideas and people.
I’m a total multipotentialite / jack-of-all-trades, but I’ve managed to actually find some focus recently.


I care about the future of humanity, and therefore about mitigating existential risks. As part of the effective altruism movement, I focus on the ‘maxipok rule’: to maximize the probability that things go okay: that in a thousand (or a hundred thousand) years, humanity is still around and at least as technologically advanced as we are right now. More on that in Nick Bostrom’s writing. At the moment though, I’m still working on getting my own finances under control, with Complice below. The stuff under the third heading, around culture-change, may end up playing a role here for its ability to change the way people think about caring, both “caring about” and “caring for”.

Complice, my goals business

I’m working on a startup called Complice with the broad mission of helping people achieve their goals, and the narrower focus of creating systems to turn big picture goals into day-to-day actions. Click the link below to try it out. I particularly recommend it if you have trouble keeping on top of your priorities, especially self-directed projects. But it’s valuable for lots of people who don’t meet that criterion, so give it a shot anyway! 🙂

Complice logo

Living Room Context, a culture-change project

I’m part of a culture-crafting project with many facets. Probably half of what I blog about connects with this on some level. See posts on Apologizing and Forgiving, Trust & Crocker’s Rules, or other posts tagged Living Room Context.

Terms and names:

My 30-day challenges are quite out of date, but they may be of interest; my habit-a-week challenge is a new, related project; my public GitHub has a few things on it. My music is on bandcamp. You can see a spreadsheet here of what I’m reading. I started this when I began a new style of reading where I don’t assume I’ll finish every book I start. There are too many books for me to do that.

If you’re new to my blog and trying to figure out what to read, I say start with my top posts.

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