FileKicker – My First Published Android App

FileKicker icon: A green arrow overlaid on a white rectangle with *.* on it as in 'any file'.

As some people might know, I’m presently employed at Kik Interactive. Yeah, the guys who make the  smartphone messenger app. My job is to make apps that use their new Developer API to send content between phones.

Well, I’ve been working on a few different apps over the past few months, but the first to fully see the light of day is called FileKicker. It’s really simple: send files to your friends via Kik. The cool thing is, because of the way Kik Messages are sent, you can actually access this file anywhere using its url, which is easily shareable from the app. Check out FileKicker in the Android Market to download it or learn more.

Something that’s crazy is the alternative Android market site syndication. I just uploaded this a few hours ago, and already a Google search for FileKicker kik returns results for site for with a page on my app. I don’t see how it’s better than the regular market, but it did generate a nice little widget:



I’m planning to have some more apps up in the coming weeks. Leave a comment if you have any awesome ideas for what I could do with Kik next.

Three Final Haikus & A New Challenge

I’m sure I will write more haikus at some point in my life, but it need not be any day soon. I found I started to grow fond of them though. They force a certain brevity – like Twitter! (except… not like Twitter). Anyway, here are the last three. The first one is saying that the challenge was indeed a challenge, btw, not the reverse.

July 31

Challenging myself
Was not quite as challenging
As I expected

July 30

It’s almost August…
What happened to the summer?
Time owns private jets

July 29

And for my next trick
I will cut

up this haiku
into two pieces

And that’s a wrap! Well, actually, there’s one other non-prosiac work that I haven’t shared with you: a song I wrote on July 13th. I’m planning to record it this week, and when I do I’ll make sure to post it here.

I decided yesterday that my challenge for August would be something that would start me on a path to lucid dreaming. Specifically:

I will keep a daily dream journal from August 1st to August 30th.

This morning, I spent nearly an hour rolling around in a Hypnopompic state, trying to remember my dreams from last night and dreaming multiple times that I had picked up my notebook and inscribed them, only to eventually realize that I had been dreaming. Eventually I woke up, and did write some things.

I don’t think most of my dreams will be particularly valuable to the world at large, so I don’t plan to blog about this challenge, unless something interesting or exciting does occur (such as a lucid dream). If anyone has any tips for lucid dreaming, don’t hesitate to let me know!

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